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We are the Business support organization and we were established in 1994 as a response to the many challenges facing Uzbekistan private sector. Our mission is to promote the Uzbekistan business community abroad and help our members become more competitive locally and internationally.


BCC, LLC haves a simple goal of providing affordable, enterprise class services. Initially, BCC is an Internet Service Provider, domains registrator for over 250 domain zones, provides Printing Services, and education courses for foreign languages. We have since expanded to offer a full array of services to both individual and professional clients.


BCC became Internet Service Provider since 1995 (One of the first Intersnet Service Providers in Uzbekistan). Currently "BCC" can provide its services by ADSL, SHDSL and FTTX(Fiber to the x) technologies. Our priority will be remaining providing qualified support of our costumers as well as providing high quality high speed access to Global Internet Network, high quality products of our Printing Department, high quality and innovative education courses in our Education Centre.


BCC are always open for partnership with foreign and local companies,
global network operators and providers. "BCC" stands first in cases when you need competitive solution to governments, multinationals, retail or financial corporations.


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Shukhrat Akhundjanov

"BCC" General Director 


Our partners

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News Archive

31 October, 2015 Deterioration of Internet service!

Dear Subscribers! SC "Uzbektelecom" notifies, due to maintenance works on SC "Uzbektelecom" partners network from 01.11.2015 to 30.11.2015 there could be deterioration of quality of Internet services. SC "Uzbektelecom" are sorry for inconvenience. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. BCC Company Administration.

21 February, 2015 Technical works on territory of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Dear partners and clients! Due to off-schedule works on terretory of Russia and Kazakhstan: 23.02.2015 from 23:00 to 09:00 24.02.2015 (LT) 24.02.2015 from 23:00 to 06:00 25.02.2015 (LT) 25.02.2015 from 23:00 to 06:00 26.02.2015 (LT) 26.02.2015 from 23:00 to 03:00 27.02.2015 (LT) there could be deterioration of quality of Internet services. We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. BCC Company Administration.

06 November, 2014 Greeting from General Director

We are glad to welcome you on our renewed web-site.